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Quality of Character

To become a Luce Prospect, the quality of a Prospect’s character is what is first analyzed during our initial application process. It is because of this we evaluate each application individually to ensure the Prospect exhibits the quality of character required to be accepted into the LPG Program.

Ability to Communicate

The ability to communicate effectively is non-negotiable — the Prospect and parent(s) must be willing and able to update LPG on current happenings throughout the college recruiting process. This includes communication with college coaches, showcases/workouts the Prospect plans to attend, as well as providing photos and videos to LPG to help increase the Prospect’s exposure to college programs.

Overall Work Ethic

A Prospect’s work ethic and devotion to his/her sport must be evident. The dedication required to play sports at the collegiate level is one that takes much sacrifice, drive, and focus. Prospects must be willing to put in the time and display the work ethic required to continue to develop as athletes to take their game to the next level.

Social Media Participation

Many scholarships can be traced back to LPG social media campaigns implemented for each individual Prospect. Each post is written specifically for each platform, and Prospects are often ‘tagged’ in these posts. Prospects and parents must be willing to participate in the online and digital marketing of themselves via the LPG Social Media Platforms — Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn & Google My Business. 

Respecting the Process

The College Recruiting Process is exactly that — a process. Parents and Prospects will need to exhibit a certain amount of patience and remember that this in an investment in their child’s future, rather than attempting and expecting overnight results. Where a Prospect decides to go to college is a life-changing decision, and one that should be handled with great care. Parents agree that it may take several months, and sometimes years, to find the right college fit. This does not mean, however, quick results cannot be achieved. There have been many instances when scholarship offers have been offered just a few hours after a Prospect signs with LPG.

Transparency is Key

It takes honesty, transparency, and truth to effectively navigate the college recruiting process as a team. The team, in this case, consists of the Prospect, the parent(s), and our team at LPG. We expect 100% honesty and we promise the same in return. Our job is to tell you what you need to here, not just what you want to hear. 

Faith and Belief

Believing and having faith that you will sign a college scholarship is an element parents and Prospects must always remember. Believing that something good will happen and working with LPG will help to cultivate that faith you will achieve the end-result you desire.

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