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LPG Pros

LPG PROs (LPG PROFESSIONALS) provide real-time feedback to parents and Prospects to ensure proper communication and to maximize efficiency for each lesson given.

Following a lesson, the LPG PRO fills out an LPR (LUCE PROSPECT REPORT).

Each report is written directly by the LPG PRO. Parents and Prospects are then provided an electronic version of the LPR to best help monitor Prospect progress.

All LPR’s are stored on the LPG Servers, making them accessible to Luce Prospects and Parents 24/7!

To All LPG PRO’s,

The submission of your LPR and the organization of your schedule is extremely important to the development of our Prospects.

Please ensure your feedback is accurate and detailed enough for the Prospect and their family to understand so all parties involved garner a true measurement of the Prospect’s progress.

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