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Prospect Helping Prospects

Nolan Ryan once said that one of the beautiful things about baseball is that, every once in awhile, you come across a situation where you have to reach down and prove something. That’s exactly what former Baltimore Orioles prospect and Luce Prospect Group Founder/CEO Jake Luce has done throughout his baseball and professional careers.

Luce (pronounced Loo-chee) took a unique path to and through professional baseball, including turning down offers to play other collegiate sports.




Buyer beware: Some baseball recruiting services are looking out for you, while others might be looking for a quick buck

The recruiting process for baseball starts early and can get complicated quickly. That’s why, as the high school baseball season culminates with this week’s UIL state tournament, many families are now finding recruiting services to help with the process.

But those recruiting services vary greatly in what they offer and what they charge. Some are little more than websites that post player profiles and contact information, while others will match player profiles to suitable schools and contact college coaches. There are also full-service recruiting managers such as Jake Lucé, a former Allen baseball player who played collegiately and in the minor leagues.


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